July 23, 2019

Angry bird


I'm an angry bird

Angry at Google

Google Plus was knocked into the tech bin

All the comments on my blog posts were binned

All the interactions, lost.

Every day

I have a few moments


Why have I spent my whole career staring at a glass screen?

For what?

Where is the profit?

Where is the life?

What have I got to show for that?

Then I find myself

Lifting the net curtains

Blowing away the grime



Responding to others


Learning from others



Is there life beyond the dust soiling our net curtains? Simon asked

Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

How silent is silent?

From: Manifesto by David Gasca

The Silent Meeting format recently came across my Teams feed (silently). I picked it up and ran with it for an online meeting last week. Here is a Three Bears* Reflection.

Baby Bear: There were five of us in the online meeting. We have worked together for at least 12 months with two members working together on projects for a bit longer. I allocated myself as the facilitator (with agreement) and started with the objectives of the meeting and what was not up for discussion. Each person then had a minute to express ideas or their contribution so far.

Father Bear: The Table Read for this meeting was an academic paper that we are trying to collaboratively write. We had a draft to read and comment on. This was in Teams Wiki which has an easy commenting feature that shows who said what and allowed threaded replies.

As a facilitator, I needed to reign people in from the talk-fest model of previous meetings. The bulk of the meeting 30 - 35 minutes was taken up with the table read. We transferred our attention from video images and talking to reading and commenting. Comments flowed thick and fast like good porridge and maple syrup.

Mother Bear: There was only about 10 minutes left for the last section of the meeting and this was not long enough. As the facilitator I found it difficult to synthesize the amount of comments in a short time. Even the first section in the wiki needed longer than 10 minutes. However this provided fodder for continuing to write the document asynchronously over the following days.

Online meetings always have the challenge of setup, testing sound and coping with locations or when the mic stops working. Overall, I would say that this format of meeting was very successful and matched our requirements. The silent read and online commenting allowed each person to express their ideas or correct assumptions by others. This meeting definitely progressed the paper writing in a collaborative way even though the end discussion was not long enough. A follow-up meeting will be held this week (non-silent mode) to discuss.

* No chairs were broken in writing this blog, no porridge spilt and no bears were left hungry.

Post Script: Goldilocks is running a marathon through the forests of the world.

Manifesto: https://medium.com/swlh/the-silent-meeting-manifesto-v1-189e9e3487eb
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilentMeeting

July 4, 2019

Small perambulations

In #CLMOOC we are looking at the small things. It is called the Feldgang Variations with the subtitle 'exploring the world'. I have created two collages so far.

1. Getting to Work
2. Bamboo and Bark

In the grand style of perambulation, rambling and taking a break, I slow my breathing, open my eyes, take my lens and capture the things that I see everyday but mostly step over. This is a solo adventure.

I was inspired by Simon Ensor's painting and drawing and responded to his Tweet:
I’m hoping to see the abstract in the real in . Thanks for the inspiration of drawing as a way to spend time and observe the small.
Capturing the image with a lens is far quicker than drawing but the composition of the final piece takes time. I'm aiming to compose them with an avant garde lens, making the ordinary become new by the fact of the way it is presented.


May 8, 2019

Anchor Points

Anchor Points

In the anchor points of life
we hold
In the memories we have
tales are told
In the experiences we never ask for
is gold
In the crashes we nearly had
but didn't fold
In the buzz of creation
we are sold
In the notes we didn't play
silence is bowled
At those moments of flow
we enfold
Keep the anchor points of life.

by Wendy Taleo

A response from The Art of Is
Kevin Hodgson story of improvisation.

April 11, 2019

From the river to the stars

Image: Wendy Taleo 2019 Todd River, Alice Springs, Australia

From the river to the stars
Where the hemispheres meet
There we sat

Breaking the ice, silently,
'Who taught you to read?'
Invited in.

A quilt depicted
many squares, one picture
open unite.

On my way to work
I cross the Todd river
not one in crisis.

I stand in the riverbed
Only magpies warble
Optimists, each one.

The intense blue sky
will be filled with that milky band
over my head tonight.

The richest blanket of stars
endless possibilities of understanding
learning for life.

Inspired by Kate Bowles, Keynote at OER19, Galway, Ireland.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I live, create and work. The Arrernte people in Mparntwe. This incredible land that gives us natural desert beauty, the landscape of this image. I pay respect to elders past, present and emerging.